We’ve just launched our latest national video campaign


Here’s some recent video content we created for CitizenCard, the UK’s most popular ID-card scheme. The customer’s request was to show the ID cards being used in real situations. We took the brief and ran with it! This is one of the results.


The detail
To celebrate 15 years of trading and over 2.2million cards being issued, CitizenCard launched a new version of their website and commissioned us to make five new films for their social media and web campaign. The result was three days of shooting, involving a cast of characters including Goths, librarians and disco divas, and the borrowing of five dogs. Pearldrop contributed the original creative ideas, crafted the scripts, drew the storyboards and then filmed and edited the final production. Working from the client’s original brief of showing the cards in real-world applications, we came up with the idea that the CitizenCard transforms its users’ lives by allowing them access to all kinds of goodies. We created some silly scenarios, and wrote some suitably bonkers voice-overs to go with them. With the cards aimed at the younger market, we strongly felt that there was little to be gained from a middle-of-the-road approach. Actually, we think the same can be said for all internet video: you’ve got to make an impact.

Things to look out for
Since there are five videos, we suggested giving viewers several opportunities to choose their own paths through the content. When you watch the YouTube versions (either straight from CitizenCard’s channel or embedded into their website) you’ll notice a clickable overlay half-way through each video that takes you to another specific video in the series. And at the end of each video, four clickable overlays appear to allow viewers to choose any of the other videos for themselves. We really think that offering the viewer an extra level of interactivity is a great way to boost engagement.

The other intriguing part of the CitizenCard project was the opportunity to implement an Aurasma campaign to go along with the virtual content. The CitizenCard team wanted to create a series of postcards linked to the videos in some way, to be left in point-of-sale areas of cinemas, supermarkets and other major retail outlets. So Pearldrop took high-quality stills of the characters during the shoot, to be used as the picture side of the postcards. We then used those pictures as triggers for Aurasma. It’s the coolest bit of technology: open the Aurasma app on your phone, hold the camera over an image and watch it come to life. For CitizenCard, each character’s video plays right in the physical postcard. You can see for yourself how it works by downloading the Aurasma app, searching for and liking CitizenCard’s channel, bringing up the camera in-app and holding your phone over the image below. More about Aurasma to come from us soon (it’s awesome for training videos, for example).

Dog Walker to Goth Postcard v5

If you’d like to create a campaign like this for your company, please do get in touch. They’re great fun to work on, and the impact on your marketing can be really substantial. Give us a call if you’d like to find out more.



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